GF Tonberry needs to cast lvl up skill on its own junctioned master :D


Written on 12/13/2011 01:10:00 AM by Kit Leong

I would say that asides my convocation,this was one of my most important nights to me that I can remember.

Whats most important that as of now,Im starting to really believe and have confidence in myself. Yea I still got a long shot with lotsa OCD/health wars running in my head which obviously has to be addressed as well,but here comes the other fear:

One day,I will totally own this war I've been against for so long,it started before I even realized it,and it might end before I even notice it. And than what? This better not be a case of Spira's citizen's losing their purpose in life after Sin is gone,so much for the Eternal Calm =__=

Maybe by than,I would have new challenges,challenges I had always been dreaming of,not the fucked up ones Im facing now,but maybe during that time it will all make sense that its just to toughen up them chicken breast to rock solid shit-ly baked cakes that u can build a house with XD.The big bad wolf will huff and a puff,and the house wont collapse XDXD

For God said that He hath a plan for you,not to forsake you but to prosper you. That will always be my all time favourite verse. Yes I nvr imagined myself growing up, I always thought I would die young, and that freaked me out.Im not scared of death itself, but Im afraid of not accomplishing all the things I wanted to do in life.

But today,I just realized Im a step closer to it accomplishing among those things I want all thanks to you.Maybe you're just another hill,or even a mountain I have to climb to get to the valley.Or maybe you are the mountain I need to reach the top and build my house up there. No the theme song isnt Truly Madly Deeply where I literally want to stand on a mountain with you,its just...

I cant help but think how utterly awesome I'm getting of late,so dont let lil OCD things get in the way of urself feeling pretty fucking smug abt urself XD

Oh the victory theme of the night is actually Crowd Chant by Joe Satriani :D

its been,more than 2 years?@.@


Written on 12/12/2011 12:29:00 AM by Kit Leong


woo hoooo so great to be back,if I was son goku,i would be flying around doing aerobics cuz it just feels SOO GREAT TO BE BACK!!

why else does it feel so great?well its cuz i havent recorded my thoughts here or in my diary in a really long time,cuz there was nothing to record abt,but today,there is...

as mentioned above,has it really been 2 years plus already?my God,this is mind boggling,i thought the previous almost 1 year was long enough,nothing has lasted this long

it seems that even after 2 years,this story is not yet over,no,far from it,its just picking up slowly,very slowly,and this will certainly be a 1st of sorts for this category,why?

simply becuz,levelling up is awesome,even squall leonhart aint gonna take on no omega weapon at level 1,he's gonna get his lionheart 1st,lotsa holy wars,meltdown spells,and of cuz,stack up them aura stones!!

im not sure if im there yet,but i definitely picked up a thing or 2,lessons learnt,save thy game b4 trying to kill the beast,if u fail,level up summore,and try again,life is all abt intergrating those void stones and ring of healths!!

i dont think i'll kill omega weapon 2mr,im just gonna harass it and see how much damage i can dent it in,and after that?TRY AGAIN!! KILL IT!!!

this is MY story,no one else's,and to those who want to be in it,ur welcomed to be in it,for those who dont want to,well,piss of and see if I care :D

i think the only faggot in this world that would get it,his name is teh je sen :D

ya allah astaghfirullah D:


Written on 2/17/2011 10:13:00 PM by Kit Leong

things may or may NOT;
have just gotten very fucking much more interesting of late :D



Written on 1/30/2011 10:27:00 PM by Kit Leong

This issue definitely needs to be addressed in the near future....
Wouldnt wanna make others in line that wants it,waiting now,would I?lolol....



Written on 12/25/2010 01:59:00 AM by Kit Leong

Dear Lord;

You really never cease to keep me amused with all sorts of irony in my life,and what a coincedence that its Christmas Day too,that will make this date VERY easy to remember =D.Is this yet another Christmas surprise You have in store for me?Well of course I try my best,and leave to You,the rest.But its things like these I think the order is reversed,You create opportunities for me,and the rest is up to me.

Well,I have learnt how to cherish EVERY single opportunity like these and try my best to make the best out of it,but seriously,I didn't think You had something else ready for me to be on the go THAT soon,I usually need more time to cope with it,but hei,looks like Wolverine's healing factor just kicked in.

Bring it on!!I'm ready for it,I can juggle BOTH of it at the same time,I'm not that incompetant of a student 3 years ago that I couldnt even handle ONE of these things at a time.Time to go for goal with them,ahem,double whammies =D

But really,I'm smilling now,alot,deja vu's like these are simply the best,like this..


Writings on a wall.....


Written on 12/17/2010 12:25:00 AM by Kit Leong

writings above my bed,writings above my bed;
a year goes by,i still keep it,with all but one,nought but said;
a year goes by,i get older;
a year goes by,i thank god,for once i'm becoming bolder =D

All projects are definitely looking up in more aspects than one,divide and conquer is the way,division is done,now to move on to the next phase of conquering the integration of the division.

For God once divided the world,and it was called Peleg.

Now I will combine it all to yield my magnum opus,and if all goes well,I might even call it,my magnum opera instead :D

Those who dwell in the past dwell in a fate worst than death,for even the dead move on,to the afterlife that is.

Onward to the infinite possibilities that lie ahead :D

Rubicon Reloaded


Written on 12/05/2010 10:00:00 PM by Kit Leong

Dear dead blog,

It seems today is another day I realize yet again,something else.I seem to realize similarly themed things like this of late,and thats a good thing,it shows progress in all aspects as an adult =D

Looks like the Rubicon I thought I crossed,was a doppelganger,a decoy,in short,as admiral akbar would say,ITS A TRAP!!

having said that,its still to soon to ascertain trap or not,but it definitely opens up my already big by asian standards,well...eyes XD...or is it that there are always many different roads to the same destination?

Im very inclined to believe in the latter,but it definitely is all a bunch of different roads,some of which I have no regrets about =D

but you gotta always be on the move,anyone that stands still in the open is bound to get shot in the head like in CS or something...